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Our focus is simple: to enable
intentional living.


{Adj.} in • ten • tion • al


performed with awareness; done deliberately, consciously, or on purpose

Stone Financial is not your normal investment firm. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, we take it to the next level. We invest in your life, your family, and your job. We invest in you and stay by your side the entire way.

Most people think that wealth management is just investment advice, but we know it is so much more than that. It encompasses all parts of a person’s financial life from investments to retirement, insurance, debt management, and assistance to loved ones, all of which are affected by taxes. We utilize a more personal approach that coordinates all the services you need to manage your finances while making sure you are as tax efficient as possible. We call this WealthCare8.

Our core belief focuses on long-term growth and preservation of your investment, all while reducing your tax burden. We are dedicated to helping you build, preserve, and reach your goals.


What a Financial Plan Encompasses:



  • Investments/Portfolio Management

    Investments/Portfolio Management

    It is never too late to plant the seed for the growth and development of your future. Your needs and goals determine where you should invest. We will make sure that you are investing in assets that are within your…
  • Retirement Planning

    Retirement Planning

    No one likes to think about the reality of planning for retirement. Sure, everyone wants to retire at some point, and everyone knows they will need a nest egg to do so, but most do nothing about it!
  • Income Protection (Annuities)

    Income Protection (Annuities)

    With most people on the financial defense with today’s market, people are turning toward more secure ways to invest. We always suggest a well-diversified investment plan that encompasses each investment option.
  • Life and Disability Insurance

    Life and Disability Insurance

    Don’t let your house and cars be the only things insured. Your life is more important. My family is the reason for my insurance.
  • Debt Management

    Debt Management

    Debt can be used as leverage for certain purchases; however, when your personal or business cash flow is constrained by debt, it can lead to financial difficulties. Poor debt management can lead to a reduced credit rating, which can lead…
  • Business Benefit Plans

    Business Benefit Plans

    According to a testimony by the Government Accountability Office, only 14% of small employers with fewer than 100 employees sponsor a retirement savings plan.
  • Special Situations

    Special Situations

    With expenses rising every year, many parents are left asking: How much will it cost and what financial resources are available? Our team is here to help answer those questions and advise which mix of resources will best meet your…
  • Legacy (Estate) Planning

    Legacy (Estate) Planning

    Ask yourself the following questions …

Are you ready to retire?  What will your retirement look like?


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Whether you have a question about long range planning or you are interested in learning more about how our approach could be tailored to your situation, we would be happy to hear from you.

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